Building online stores

online ordering or product catalog

Online store

A web store is the perfect way to ensure access to your products and their sale without physical and time limitations – web stores work 24/7 all year round. You decide which shipping and payment methods you will approve, how you will group products, when you will enable discounts and special prices, and all other characteristics of your online store. We create web stores using the WooCommerce plugin for the WordPress system.

Product catalog

The product catalog presents all your products without the possibility of direct online ordering, but it allows potential customers to contact you directly with questions about the products. We prepare the product catalog using the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress or as a regular website without the option of independent content editing.

Multifunctionality and multilingualism

You choose which content, apart from texts and photos, you want in your web store/product catalog, and which additional content you will enable in it (contact form, photo gallery, blog with announcements, subscription to the newsletter or other content). Your web store/product catalog can be multilingual – we translate texts and product descriptions from English to Croatian, you provide translations into other languages. Optionally, your web store can use the Google Translate plugin to enable translations into many languages.

From idea to publication on the Internet

We offer a complete service – from the original idea and its adaptation to your wishes and needs, preparation of texts for the web store/product catalog based on submitted documents and descriptions, Internet texts and other sources of information, preparation and processing of photos for inclusion on the website, SEO optimization of your new websites for the Google search engine, testing the functionality and accessibility of the site, and publishing the site on the Internet, on your domain and web hosting package. We also redesign existing web stores and import web stores from an existing Joomla (VirtueMart) store into a WordPress (WooCommerce) store.

Web store maintenance and updates

Your product catalog can be simple, without the option of independent content administration (you can request that we or someone else make minor changes if necessary). Web stores created in the WordPress system (WooCommerce) can be edited by yourself through the administrative interface of the site, for which we prepare written instructions. We offer a quarterly website maintenance service.

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