Websites for special purposes

apartments, real estate websites, blogs, portals, portfolio

Tourist accommodation and services

If you are the owner of tourist accommodation (apartment, villa, etc.) or offer tourist services, your own website is the perfect way to present your facilities and services with full control over the way your offer is presented, commission-free prices and other advantages. A visually attractively designed website will convey your facility, services and location to potential guests and users, and enable online inquiries for reservations.

Real estate agencies

Websites for real estate agencies, in addition to an attractive appearance, also have full functionality for viewing individual properties and their characteristics and photos, as well as searching for properties according to specific criteria. In addition to a website for only one agency, there is an option of websites where, with a paid membership, it is possible to publish real estate by multiple agencies

Blogs, portals, portfolio

Websites for special purposes such as for blogs (with the possibility of commenting), portals (specialized area or mixed content), medical pages (with sending inquiries), artist portfolios and numerous other contents are created in the WordPress system in which you can administer the contents of the website yourself (edit, delete, add). If desired, we add special content (eg calendar of events, photo gallery, etc.).

From idea to publication on the Internet

We offer a complete service – from the original idea and its adaptation to your wishes and needs, preparation of texts for the website based on submitted documents, Internet texts and other sources of information, preparation and processing of photos for inclusion on the website, SEO optimization of your new website for the Google search engine, testing the functionality and accessibility of the site, and publishing the site on the Internet, on your domain and web hosting package. All websites are responsive, which means that their appearance is adjusted for all screen sizes (desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone).

Website maintenance and updates

Your website can be a simple page without the option of independent content administration (you can request that we or someone else make minor changes for you if necessary). The website can also be created in the WordPress system, which has an interface for independent administration of website content, for which we prepare written instructions. We offer a quarterly website maintenance service.

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