Website Redesign & Migration

new look, moving page content from Joomla to WordPress…

Website redesign

Redesign of the existing website, regardless of whether it is an HTML or WordPress website, will refresh its look with a new, contemporary and more attractive style. For websites that were not responsive, i.e. adjusted for all screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile), new design will improve the functionality and bring the responsiveness.

Website migration

The migration (export) of the content of your HTML or Joomla website to WordPress, or from any format or platform to another desired format/CMS, will result in greater functionality of the new migrated website and a more modern design. It is also possible to migrate large and small Joomla/VirtueMart web stores to WordPress/WooCommerce stores.

Multifunctionality and multilingualism

All redesigned and migrated websites are responsive, which means that their appearance is adjusted for all screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile). If the existing website is not multilingual and you want to publish it in several languages, your website can be expanded into several language versions. Multilingualism can be achieved by manually entering the translation, or you can use the Google Translate plugin and thus enable the translation of your site into numerous languages. We translate the content of the website from English to Croatian (and vice versa), and you provide translations into other languages.

From idea to publication on the Internet

We offer a complete service – from the initial idea of a new design and its adaptation to your wishes and needs, changes to published website content based on your instructions, preparation and processing of new photos for inclusion on the website, SEO optimization of your new website for the Google search engine, testing the functionality and accessibility of the website, and publishing the site on the Internet, on your domain and web hosting package.

Website maintenance and updates

Your website can be simple, without the possibility of independent content administration, when you can request that we (or someone else) make minor changes. Or, you can choose a WordPress website that allows you to later edit the content yourself through the site’s administrative interface, for which we prepare written instructions. We offer a quarterly website maintenance service.

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