Website maintenance & updates

WordPress system and plugin upgrades, addition of new contents…

Why update a WordPress website?

The WordPress system is regularly developed and its newer versions are published. Therefore, the WordPress system of the website should be updated to ensure that it is published in the latest version that improves the security, functionality and the way the website works. The WordPress site also uses various plugins for special functions (eg contact form, photo gallery, etc.), so these plugins also need to be updated to be compatible with the latest versions of the system.

Updating a WordPress website

The WordPress website update service includes creating a backup of the website (storing a copy of the page before the update – files and database), updating the system and plugins, updating the design/theme, checking the functionality of the website after the update.

Maintenance of website content

Regardless of whether it is an HTML or WordPress website, the owner of the website occasionally needs to make some changes in its content (eg price list, overview of services, contact information, etc.). If the site owner is not interested in independently editing the content of his site, content changes are made based on the owner’s request. Small changes are made free of charge, and larger ones are paid for at an hourly rate, or as part of our quarterly website maintenance service.

Quarterly website maintenance

Quarterly maintenance of the website includes: making a backup of the website (files and database), updating the WordPress system and plugins, updating the design/theme and checking the functionality of the website after the update. Maintenance also includes changes to the site’s content

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